1.5″ Bat Knob Decals are sold as a set 1-50 or 1-00.

 Bat Knob Decals Sets are beautifully printed in full color and available in different fonts.  Bat Knob Decals are easily applied to the bottom of your baseball or softball bats.  Bat Knob Stickers are extremely durable and will withstand any dirt, mud, or water.  Bat Handle Decals will hold up and look great under the dirtiest, messiest field conditions.
A Half Set of Bat Handle Stickers contains one decal of each number 1-50 or a Full Set of Bat Knob Number Decals contains numbers 1-00.
All of our baseball / softball bat stickers are printed and laminated on our highest quality 20mil vinyl.

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*Fonts shown are for reference only, all numbers will be accurately positioned and outlined.

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