What Are 1″Award Decals?

Helmet Award decals are a way for coaches and staff to reward their players for doing well during the game. The requirements for earning these 1″ awards varies from each program.

Our helmet award decals, while made of the same material as our side football helmet decals, are designed to be smaller than the main decals.

The size is a 1″ circle shape or die cut image that represents the team, but in a more indirect way. The decals will be placed near the back sides of the helmet and move forward as you receive more awards when your team does well.

The helmet stickers are given out for great plays and achievements, which is completely at the discretion of the teams’ coach and staff. Some teams give them out for overall wins, while some teams pick set goals for the offense and defense.

Helmet 1″ award decals are an easy way to help boost morale and reward players for doing well on the field. It’s a small token for continuing to make big plays and help the team to victory.

Keep in mind that they are typically found on football helmets but they can be used for other sports as well. Lacrosse, baseball, softball and hockey.

These award stickers are given to players so they know what they need to do to win. And by rewarding the good things they do on the field, you are encouraging them to work hard towards the team goals.

Award stickers are for appreciation, but as players begin to get recognized for these achievements on the field, they will strive to be great and continue to improve on the field.

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