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We recommend cleaning off your helmets with rubbing alcohol before any decal application. This is the case even if your helmets are brand new or have been reconditioned. The alcohol will remove any wax, dirt, or residue that can interfere with the adhesive in the decals.

Peel off the entire release liner from the back of the decal and press the decal onto the helmet starting in the middle of the decal. Then work from the middle out with your fingers, flattening the decal as you go. When you are finished applying the decal, go over the entire decal with the plastic squeegee that we included in your shipment.

Removing the decals is simple. Just grab a corner and give it a stiff pull. If you find any adhesive residue remaining on the helmet, it can be easily removed using a citrus based product similar to “Goo Gone” which is available at WalMart for under $5.00. Just be sure to wipe off every bit of the “Goo Gone” totally with rubbing alcohol before reapplying any decals.

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